Making the Dots Table

I reclaimed this beautiful old wood from a project. It was intended to be wood flooring but the order was placed wrong and it was going to be trashed out. The wood comes from a 100 years old barn: first cleaned and sawn into planks, it has then been torched and painted. It has a rich, rough texture and I wanted to think a project where I could emphasize it.

The inspiration came from samples of fabric I have pinned over my desk. Those are by Dominique Kieffer – who I love. The geometry, repetition and proportion of them create a great contrast, opposing the fore and background. The result is a strong visual impression which I thought would work nicely with my textured wood. So I had this idea of using the old barn planks as a background and to use white, clean and smooth melamine as the dots. From there, I started to think about the rythm and the proportion of the pattern I wanted to create in regards to the scale of the table I was making. To figure it out, I had to made these quick collages and call a dear friend, Audrey – who incidentally happens to be expert in the field of textile and pattern design. Here are the options we discussed. Which one will you have picked?

Now, guess our pick? Number 1!
You can see pictures of the completed table here.