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475 Kent Avenue is located in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It was build off the East River between the 1920s and 1940s to be the new La Rosa and Sons macaroni production facility. At that time, it was manufacturing the famous Space Wheels and was the largest pasta factory in North America. However, the factory quickly closed and was mostly empty until the late 1990’s, when a small group are artists took over. The landlord, not willing to invest much to make something out of this empty shell, let them transform it into a work/live space.

Over the years, each open floor has been converted into lofts by different artists, making them unique in their configurations. Built far away from the highly restrictive building codes that the city imposes, the result is an organic, eclectic interior design exemple of how pure creativity can positively change a place. While new developments of luxury condos in Williamsburg are far from being fully rented or sold, 475 Kent is 100% occupied by a happy, international and fertile creative community of people working in a wide range of fields such as music, photography, design and architecture.

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