Bread is fascinating as it brings together some essential aspects of life: hand work, tradition, time, simplicity, uniqueness, and, most importantly, it’s made to be shared.

After moving to New York I started to run my own “bakery”, Maison Grey, in my kitchen. Using all natural, mostly local and organic ingredients I was baking bread, granola and other treats after traditional recipes.

Every time I was baking, I put a sign in my building’s elevator, inviting neighbors and visitors to come up to get some fresh, home-made goodness.

Little by little the word got out, some friends joined the adventure and helped Maison Grey grow into a small business. We've decided to focus on granola, and at some point we've even had a few coffee shops selling Maison Grey’s Parfait Granola in New York City.

Now, we're back to the word-to-mouth, friends-of-friends model. We prefer it that way. Feel free to email us to join the community, or read this post on the journal section to learn how to back our signature Boule bread.


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