Making a Mirror for Lola

Lola liked my Parquet Mirror, but neither the size nor the color palette seemed to be right for her place. She was looking for something to put above her fireplace and I decided to make a special one for her, inspired by the one she liked.
Before jumping to the making of the mirror, here are a few shots of the studio I used to share in Bushwick with Peter Buley and Jesse Hooker. I loved that place.

Ok. Now that the presentations are made, let’s go back to the mirror. I went at Lola’s apartment to feel the space and discuss the colors and accent we should use. The thing is, because I can not control and decide the color of the materials I reclaim, we had to deal with what I had in stock at that moment. Lucky enough, it happen to be quite a good fit. I picked some natural and orange tones of fragments that used to be some cheap melamine furniture. I cut them into small triangles and I started to think about how to arrange them together to frame the mirror out. To help me out decide what would look the best, I made some quick drawings.

Lola and I picked number 2. From then, I could really start playing with the real pieces. Fun times.

After almost an hour of trying, again, and again, I still I wasn’t sure about final the color choice. Black, or no black? Mmm. I texted these two images to Lola to get her feedback. We ended up deciding on using only the brownish-orangy ones and the white, without the black. The choice was made, and I could now build the mirror.

It took me almost a full day and then at night, I biked with it to Lola’s for the installation. We made it safe, and the mirror was up in just a few minutes.

Now that it was up, we realized that it was nice, but… something was missing. An accent color. Then I thought about these black pieces I hadn’t used, and, luckily, had saved. The day after I came back with them and some epoxy glue. I added them to the frame, and the result made us both happy. The mirror was looking great now! And right on time. Lola could leave for Barcelona and know that she would have it up when she returns.