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Drawerhood - Grégoire Abrial



475 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

We could try to tell you the story of this building, try to name all of our neighbors, try to express how it feels to live here and what challenges our community is facing now. But that wouldn't be enough.

475 Kent Avenue, in Brooklyn is a special place built by a unique community. It took a little longer for gentrification to hit the south-side of Williamsburg, but in February 2017 our local landlord sold the building to a faceless investment fund for $56 million.
Shortly after, graffitis on the roof were painted white, the community garden was pushed aside, a fence was built. Quickly, evictions notices were posted on our doors - lots of them. And then, friends and neighbors were forced away - half of them.

For a while, our studio has been salvaging and giving objects rejected by the urban lifestyle a new life while expressing the stories of their past. These unwanted objects once had a home and were valued.

With this project, Drawerhood, we picked up abandoned drawers from the curbs of our neighborhood. We transformed them in hope of giving them a new life while keeping the intervention minimal so as to preserve their original character.
To bid farewell and wish them the best for what's next, we named the drawers after neighbors that had to leave our building, and that our community misses dearly.


W24.75" x H16" x D4.25"

W12.25" x H11.5" x D11.5"

W26" x H18" x D4"

W29.75" x H39.25" x D10"

W19.5" x H58" x D5.25"

W26" x H41.5" x D15"

W11.5" x H19.5" x D5.25"

W16" x H53" x D7.5"

Marion and Chris
W13.5" x H19.5" x D11"

W19.5" x H19" x D3"

W29" x H17.5" x D7.5"


Would you like to foster one them?
Please contact us. There is no set price, it is up to what you want to donate.



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