Mr George framed in black


Acrylic on canvas
Painted reclaimed frame
Cotton rope and hanging plate
Handmade in Brooklyn
Stamped and signed
H39.5″ x W21.5″

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In this series, Mr George appears in his funky aristocratic style.

Antique wooden frame repainted in statement black, matching black suspension rope, topped off with yellow wooden crown. Who says the king can't have fun?

Have you met Mr George?

He is from France supposedly - he even has a French name, bonhomme. He now lives in New York and changing to "George" makes sure Starbucks never misspell his name - although he rarely drinks coffee. He's a good guy. Funny, goofy, social, loves to mingle, thoughtful and polite. He will bring a smile, if not laughter to you party, without stealing your girl.

Meet Mr George.

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