Mr George

Have you met Mr George?

He is from France supposedly - he even has a French name, bonhomme - and adopted the name Mr George during his worldwide travel. He now lives in New York and changing to "George" makes sure Starbucks never misspell his name - although he rarely drinks coffee. He's a good guy. Funny, goofy, social, loves to mingle in houses, cafe's, sometimes on the street. He is unique in a crowd of his own. Individuality in a community. Depending on the situation and his own mood, he can don street style, minimalist style, family style, aristocratic style, you name it. Deep down he's just a casual, low key lad, thoughtful and polite. He will bring a smile, if not laughter to you party, without stealing your girl.

Meet Mr George.

H 12" (30cm) x W 6" (15cm) x 4

H 20" (50cm) x W 16" (40cm)

H 28" (71cm) x W 28" (56cm)

H 18" (45cm) x W 36" (91cm)

H 30" (76cm) x W 30" (76cm) x 2

H 12" (30cm) x W 9" (23cm) x 2

H 16" (40cm) x W 12" (30cm) x 2

H 30" (76cm) x W 30" (76cm) x 2


Acrylic and gouache on canvas.


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