The streets of my neighborhood in Brooklyn is a rich source of raw materials and what I find there, often by chance, fuels the studio work.
The Brooklyn Map tables were made to celebrate the origin of those raw materials.

Each piece of wood was found in a different part of the borough, brought into my studio and cut into the shape of its neighborhood.
Inlaid on top of tables that were rescued or made with reclaimed wood from the street, the wood fragments live a second life while still carrying the story of their past.
Together, they become a cohesive, mix-ed origin, multi-colored whole.

Together, they form the story of Brooklyn.

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Dining Table:
H 29”1/2 (75cm) x W 39”1/4 (100cm) x D 71” (180cm)
Coffee Table:
H 15”1/2 (39cm) x D 31”1/2 (80cm)
Brooklyn, 2012-2013.

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