hatch series


Series of furniture made for Mary Wallis' booth at the 2013 Contemporary Furniture Fair.
The 2-week time frame called for a simple process and the use of locally available ressources.
We used reclaimed wood flooring and some studs from the lumberyard across the street to first create the stool as a prototype and then the bench and console that have been used at the fair.

Reclaimed wood flooring, pine, leather
H 26”1/4 (92cm) x W 44”1/2 (113) x D 14”1/2 (37)
H 18” (46cm) x W 44”1/2 (113) x D 14”1/2 (37)
H 18” (46cm) x W 14” (36) x D 14” (36)
Brooklyn, 2013.

Fiddle Sconce

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