Each time I return to my hometown in France, going back to my grandmother’s for lunch is a ritual I would never miss. When I was a kid, I remember the second she opens the front door I would run into the kitchen, dipping a piece of bread into every pot to try the feast she was preparing. Today, from the moment I step in, the slightest scent of her signature dishes instantly brings me back to these memories of childhood.

That’s how I realized that food, even in its simplest form, is often attached to some stories we remember for a lifetime. However, these memories are often kept personal and sometimes forgotten amid our lives. Back to New York, I started to look for a way to celebrate them and thought of organizing potluck dinners where guests would not only bring a meal, but also dig into these food-centered memories and share them with others. The concept of the Food Stories dinners was born.

1/ remember a meal that means something to you.

2/ cook it – call mama if you need.

3/ come share your story and recipe!

The first dinner came to life with a dish from a rough childhood in Cuba, a hang-over cure from Japan, a birthday cake from Denmark, a grandmother’s breakfast from Vietnam and a summer comfort food from Louisiana.
The stories behind the dishes were the beginning of a reminiscing night where precious memories were rekindled and proudly shared among friends.

You too can organize your own Food Stories dinner, it’s easy.

Use the following links to download the Food Stories kit to mail your friends, and get the table ready!

Download the Letter
Download the Postcard (yes that's me)

Dots Table

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