Brooklyn Loft

Audrey Ducas and I collaborated to design and build this loft in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Drawing inspiration from my graduation thesus about Slow Design, we decided to focus on four essential points during the design and making of the place:

local materials
personal investment

We mostly used what was available around and affordable for us. Everything in this project – with the exception of some raw construction materials – came within a three-mile radius of the loft and didn’t cost more than few hundred dollars.
We dismembered the shelves left by the previous tenant and salvaged scraps from nearby factories to create furniture.
We wandered the streets to find stuff, traded things, gathered second-hand furniture, accessories and dishes from classifieds and local thrift stores.

We spent countless evenings, holidays and weekends on the project; we asked friends to join and help. Without knowing it, we established a special connection with our new home, New York City, in a meaningful way. Most importantly, we had fun.

Get involved. Look around. Imagine. Go ahead and make it! That’s the word we wish to spread by sharing this project.

Brooklyn, 2010-11.

To read about the making of the Brooklyn Loft and the cabin, click here.

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