International Contemporary Furniture Fair

The Design Week in NYC  is just over, the ICFF closed its doors last Tuesday. Within a week, all the design shows and industry events brought a revitalizing breeze of excitement and inspiration to the city.

At one of them – the Wanted Design party, I re-connected with one of the teachers I had during my study at CCA in San Francisco. His name is David Trubridge, and talking to him made me realize how much he actually inspired me through the years. I bought one of his lamps and the book that he just had published – So Far – in which he tells “the story of his journey – both metaphorically as an artist/designer, and physically as a traveler.”  Greatly inspiring.

This year’s Design Week was special for another reason: I had a chance to work with Mikkel on designing the booth for our friend Mary at the ICFF. To complement her beautifully structured light fixtures that you can see below, I created a bench and a console with a striped pattern using reclaimed wood flooring. I also added a chair and a box I made earlier last year, which caught Mikkel’s attention and brought us together in this project. Here are some pictures of the booth – and soon I’ll shoot the two new pieces. More to come!